Hey guys, I am need help with Textures!

I recently got back into blender, and I want to draw a terrain texture.
But at the same time, I want to paint the color texture, the normal map, the specular map AND the intensity map.

I want to paint these all at the same time, to create my map for my terrain.
Thank you for your time, Blenderer(ers?)

What do you mean by ‘paint at the same time’

If you mean have them in the same image file, then you will need to use nodes to seperate out the red, green and blue, and when you paint to the texture, pick your color carefully.

If you mean switch between various textures depending on what you paint (so using a texture to mask other textures), then you’ll again have to use a node setup, and instead of mixing Textures based on RGB, mix whole materials based on RGB because these also include specularity and normal.

I am unsure how to put this so everyone can understand…
But I think that masking is what I mean.

I want to be able to select something like one texture to paint, but I want to paint all of the textures into their own maps…
But I would like to see the mask node system, I am not the best at nodes, thank you for your response and help :smiley: !

First time hearing about normal map painting, maybe you want to paint and mix several materials, each with normal, diffuse and specular maps? Like, grass, mud, rocks and such? Also you can displace the terrain with image or manually. But I don’t think you can paint it all simultaneously.

Oki, I’ve got it now.

Try this tutorial
But it will only do colors, not the normal map.

To do normal map as well, you have to create each material as you want it, and then do the same thing as that tutorial in the node editor.
TO do it in the node editor, you take the stencil and feed the color value into the ‘fac’ input of a mix node.

Ok well I thank you guys, I guess it is going to be a bit harder, but I will over come the hardest :smiley: