hey guys, i entered a CGTalk challenge......

(Riskbreaker) #1

Its been a while since i used these forums…
Anyways, I entered CGtalk’s July Challenge (Beast of Burden) using ONLY Blender…submission date just past so i thought i’d show you guys what i entered…i’ll tell ya though, it aint all that special…


(MrPatel) #2

wow! Nice Work!

(kaktuswasse) #3

could you please make it available for ppl who aren’t registered at

(LohnS) #4

which part of Australia are you from? i’m currently looking for another South Aus blenderer =P

sry not registered, can’t see it =(

(Riskbreaker) #5


I think that should be there…

NEO: Sorry dude, Im a Sydney boy :slight_smile:

(kaktuswasse) #6

nice, but partly it’s a little bit blocky and where the hell are the eyes?

(valarking) #7

man, you are TOO humble on their site. i can just see you groveling before them…

(Riskbreaker) #8

have you seen the other entries? Im gettin my arse kicked :-?

kaktus: the eyes? Its there above the teeth

Maybe you guys should see the concept sketch (for those who cant get to the cgtalk site)


(scrappy) #9

cool, whats he going to be pulling? i looked at some of the other entries and the one with the chiwawa(check spelling) pulling the fat lady in the moterized chair was great!!!