Hey guys, remember this? (Newbies, have a look too)

Back in the old blender.nl days, when things were lookin up, and Shige spent more time on the forums :smiley: , I happened to remember this file that was featured on the blender.nl’s whats new (or whatever it was…I cant seem to remember).
I thought it’ll actually be useful to newbies too.

Its a pretty large pic.
HERE:Something useful 8)

Looks like someting useful!

Those were the days… And yeah, Shige spent a whole lot more time around the forum back then. And IcemAn as well. I really miss him, actually…

Just start a thread from a redneck republicin standpoint and then he’ll come…
and yeah, and say “iceman” 3 times.

I voted “I Remember That”. But I do like pizza…

I guess I haven’t been around long enough to remember that. Since you don’t have an option that says “OMG, TY!!! That’s gonna be SOOOO helpful!!!”, I just put “pretty good”.

So… Thanks!! Already saved it, and it’s awesome that our household goods shipment comes Monday and Tuesday… that means I’ll be able to print it out. :slight_smile: It also means I get a bed, TV, Stereo, and speakers for my PC instead of headphones… in retrospect, that was a stupid decision, though it would’ve cost a bit more shipping (4 speakers and a subwoofer).


It’s been a while since I have seen that image. Be cool to actually have a keyboard like that though.

I not only remember it, I have have it printed out, laminated and sitting under my keyboard for reference. Still comes in handy.

Hey! I remember!

It’s actually one of the first documents I used when I started with blender along with ExcellentWhale’s hotkey list!
Gosh, that was surely at least two years ago, but maybe more!

(me remembers of the old days…

“time it was,
and what a…
time it was…
it was.
A time of innocence,
a time of confidences.
Long ago…
…it must be…
I have a photograph.
Preserve your memories…
They’re all that’s left you…”

Such lovely words were written by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel )


Yeah, the good old days!

I remembr I wanted to print that picture out and laminate it, but then it got lost at the depths of my HD and I forgot about it. Was pretty helpful in the beginning though…


Well, allthough I don’t remember it, it’s a very nice thing that you posted this pic…

Allthough I have exellentWhale’s hotkeys list, this thing would be very usefull in case you need something pretty fast…

Thanks man!!!


Yeah I remember that one. I even used it in a pic not so long ago.


Darn thing doesn’t work for me, I printed it out stuck it in front of my computer, tried pressing a few keys and nothin happins, heck where do you plug it in anyways?

haha, I don’t just REMEMBER it, I still have a copy sitting in my desk!


it was done in blender!!!

BlenderBoard R0X3RZ!!!

Yep - the BlenderBoard…I am pretty sure Skates and I came up with an elaborate scheme for mass producing them and making tons of money. But then there was the problem of royalties, so it fizzled… :wink:

Its great to see so many people remember it … I thought I was the only one :slight_smile:

But I think that It is time for an update of the blender board, to the most current version of blender. Anyone willing??


my god! is it! yes it is an old relic from the lost days! those days are far gone now and the iceman and shige has left so the few holding onto those memories must hold on by themselfs…/me wakes up
hey i remember that! every time i put it on my favorites i got a new comp cause i could only find that thing like once every 5 years. hemmmmm :smiley:

Wow, I will definitely link to this on my site. I know alot of people ask for a keyboard listing, good work. (I don’t know where it came from but good, good work)

I believe it was Philip Meyer who created it, he’s a somewhat hardcore LW user by now what I’ve seen. http://www.liquid-arts.de/

Oh well, those were the times when a man was a man and… yup I remember the pic, I didn’t recall it was Shige’s work though (am I getting old or what ?)

Oh the Iceman and his fiddle… does anybody miss his fiddle ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: