Hey guys

Check out my model! What is it first one ever lol jk. I don’t model much so this is a first.


I just modeled this together last night real quick. Figured I’d make it nicer. Crits and tips are advised :wink:

Vincimus, it is very hard to see any modeling in your render. I thought at first you only had lights, until I saw the top of the render. Try to add some more light so we can see your hard work.

i dont mean to be harsh but what is it i cannot realy see anything.

Lol i know…sob…i…suck…he…yelled…at…me…sob…

Lol jk I am still working on it I just figured I’de post start

Oh yeh I lost the .blend my mom deleted it figures

wtf? :confused:

what is that?

idk just ignore this post. Its supposed to be a safe along a glowing walkway. Idk why I posted at least it wasn’t in Finished Projects.