Hey guys!

Is this true or am I living in a nightmare?


Let’s not make this political please. :wink:

Cheers, Pix

Pass on commenting on the actual story

As an aside, Pix, where have you been lately?

Hi Moonflower,
I have been going crazy lately. I am trying to get my bachelor’s degree in graphic design. I have been writing essays and generally driving my instructors nuts. This actually is the best part of the course so far, it makes me laugh!
I do miss the writing assignment II thread, I shall have to get back to it soon if no one else does, I would not like to see it die as of yet. I mean, here you have poor Pix pounding away on a hospital supercomputer, something has to happen. And besides, where is the chalice? What happened to his crab friend? Where is Thor? How are his goats? And oh, the wicked and mean fairy and her minions. I think the story still has room to evolve.