hey guyss.... HELP///

yeah ive modelled a turtle and what im trying to do with the fluid simulator is have a constant flow of water dflowing onto his back filling up the tank around him…

i sorta no how to do it… but in process. i made the tank the domain… and it disapeared… and i dont know how to get it back and i tried making new domian but it said you can only have one…???//

someone help…

Select the fluid produced (not the fluid object, but the stuff that drips out). That is the domain, transformed. To see the domain as it is before the solution, click the first menu that says preview and change it to geometry. To reset the fluid sim, delete all the tar.gz 's in the directory you told blender to save the fluid data to.

ok whats happened is… ive deleted all the objects but the turtle… so i have nothing to click on to find the domain or the fluid.?

is there a way to just take the turtle out of the current file. and copy it into a new file that has nothing in it? if you know what i mean?

cheers mate.

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