Hey, help me out with Doubleclick

(Sitag Beatmaker) #1

Hey :zap:

Just wanted to ask if someone could help me out a bit or at least give me a clue with how to make a doubleclick or trippleclick for gamemode if i want to select or let’s say to get overlay scene to open from clicking on object with doubleckick instead of a single click.
I can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen by using logic editors mouse events for added object.
I’m guessing i would need to write something complicated and called something.py for text editor isn’t it?

Will b waiting 4 someone to help me with as its current alternative that i have managed to make by adding Mouse Left Button with additional modifier key +L to it. But thanks in advance if someone will help me with this to be a doubleclick plz plz plzZzzZzz


(- Click for resources) #2

it basically uses the same setup as i have in resources with double tap key to walk. but then with the mouse.
take a look: Double tap key to run


(Sitag Beatmaker) #3

Wow wicked one, thanks a lot really! It is exactly what i wanted.