Hey Hos...

(MaceG) #1

Can’t get the OBJ import script to run.
I’m running blender 2.23.
I have python 2.2 installed.
I load the script in the text window, hit alt-p, and nothing happens.
Any suggestions?


(Hos) #2

Try python 2.0 – python 2.2 is a no go!

A couple of other tips:

  1. Doesn’t work in 2.25 – use 2.23 (you can save
    and load into 2.25 after).

  2. You have to modify the script on lines 466-469
    to deal with a bug with – bah! Just use my copy:


  1. n-gons don’t work – quadrangulate faces first
    if coming from wings.


(MaceG) #3

Durn, you’re quick.
I’ll try her again.

    Thanks for the info, Hos.

(Hos) #4

Practicing for the next wings release announcement … 8)