Hey - how the heck does one download Armory?!

I can see a Lot of things on this page:

…but I can’t see a “Download” link anywhere?

…or does that only show up once you pay/subscribe to this thing? I was planning to just…mess around with it for fun or whatever…

I think you can donate or just download it:


With Armory 3D, you follow the “just take me to the downloads” link as @Andrew_Ray said.
However, if you want Armor Paint, you have to go through a whole process of downloading that using the command prompt and Visual Studios (which is a pain)

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Well, I’ll be damned! That link wasn’t showing up on BRAVE!!! I had to use Firefox (which I luckily had installed), and it did! WTF??!!!

I’ve never heard of Brave. I’m more of an Edge kinda guy lol

Oh well, than maybe a few days ago it wouldn’t have worked for me too! I tried Brave and as with other browsers nowadays, there are things that I liked and things I didn’t.
Same for Edge. I liked the new chromium version a lot, but then some Chrome extensions don’t work and also, not sure why, quite often it doesn’t load the page until I hit refresh.
So, now I’m back to Chrome :confused:

Brave is a browser started by the guy who was kicked out of Mozilla for certain political views, I wouldn’t be surprised if some websites will not give full access to content on that browser since it has ad-blocking as a built-in feature that I think cannot be turned off. This applies even to sites that display ads in a responsible and non-intrusive fashion.

Many sites now expect you to turn any blockers off or opt to pay for the content instead.

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Hm… I think you can turn it off. I’ve had issues with some web sites and I only had to click one of the top right icons in the address bar and switch off one of the option to have the web site loading properly. Of course, that would disable the ad-blocking and thus ads would be visible again.
I think Brave’s ad-block works quite well out of the box but I personally find u-block origin working better overall.

BRAVE is the one with the BAT token - I mean really, I would have tipped Armory’s website VOLUNTARILY, if it had the option, using that. Like I did THIS site. What’s the big idea of all of us FOSS people not co-operating with one another??! :frowning: (This thing is a REVOLUTION in the making, that’s what my poor lil brain makes of it anyway - note: I don’t know shit about Blockchain).

What needs to be said though is digital currency by no means is a magic wealth generator that will make finances a non-issue. Eventually, something like Coronavirus comes along and people realize bits and bytes (backed by nothing tangible) are worthless when times get tough (as an example, look at the crashing value of Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Btw, you may not need to be TOLD this, but Brendan Eich actually invented Javascript.
So when THAT guy makes a browser, I sit up and take notice!

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