Hey i need help deciding which pc to get

Good morning to all, i’m new to blender or any other 3d related software but i want to learn.

The thing is that i want to get a new pc but i want it to run blender or maya without much hassle Here’s 3 builds that i like, but i would like some one with a little more knowledge to help me put choosing the right one.

I’ve build this my self:

But looking around I’ve found this 2 which captive my attention:
This one:

And this one:
For this one i could get a better video card and upgrade it’s ram.

Please help out out.

Thank in advance


Hopefully I am 1) not too late to offer my advice and 2) allowed to post in an one month old thread.

My suggestions to you OP is to not buy prebuilt. You can get more power for your buck out of a custom built PC or if you want to go for the same parts, it is usually considerably cheaper and you know, for a fact, all parts were new.

The first link to Amazon doesn’t include a CPU. I’m assuming you already have one, and if so, what CPU? As for the prebuilts, the R9 270x is actually “better” than the GTX 650 as it has a higher clock speed, bandwidth etc etc. Not only that, but you have more GB to work with (270x has 4GB, the 650 has 1GB). But the prebuilts you linked to have i7s, which of course supports/has Hyperthreading which helps with applications like Blender, rendering etc etc.

So, if the Amazon built has an i7 or you already have an i7/CPU, I would say go for your custom built (plus a good PSU to run the GPU you selected!).