hey, im new, but could a few of u help me?

hey, i have a video (mainly post) production studio, im trying to enter the 3D world also, but could u guys help me with like a logo? our name is PyrosProductions (any sugestions for a better name would be appreciated also)


Well, first off, what kind of movies do you do? Second, what KIND of logo are you looking for? Third, is the logo static, or did you want an animation? Fourth, if you’re hoping to break into the 3d world, the experience of creating a logo can only help you. If you can find something to work with, there is a TON of information we can direct you to. We always help one another with specific problems. The problem is, yours isn’t so specific. Give us some idea of what you’re trying to do, and we can help guide you through it. Also, (and I suppose I should have asked this in the first place :smiley: ) are you looking to contract work, or do you simply not know where to begin with the creation of said logo? Remember, we always try to help, but it is important to be specific. This will help you as much as it will help us. :slight_smile: Hmmmm, name…FlameWeaver Productions?

The Blender 2.0 manual is now online at www.blender.org, to begin with, you can try the quick start chapter to get a basic feeling for Blender.

If you have any questions, ask away…

hey, thanks for the replies, im really just looking for some basic ideas for a logo so that i can like mess around with it and see what looks good. i really do any kind of movies i can, but i mostly do movies for school event types (my dad does work for schools and has some sick connections) and thanks, but i already bought the 2.0 guide (40 darn dollars) im mainly looking for a static logo, idk wut kinda logo really, mine before was a flame type thing, ill post pictures if u really want

Ps im trying to be specific, but i dont have a very specific purpose 'cept to get some logo ideas


(Not kidding) You might consider checking out some art sites. Like stuff by famous painters. I find that when I can’t think of something on my own, great paintings (Salvador Dali, etc.) can give me a springboard to develop new ideas. Not copying, just finding a source of inspiration. You, above anyone else, know what you want. Once you get it, we can answer questions on how to achieve certain effects. Good luck!