Hey Ineedanewbike!

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I was wondering if I could adapt your 3rd person camera for my demo? Or is there a tutorial somewhere that will help me to set something up similar? Thank you.


(ineedanewbi) #2

sure thing, if u want me to do it, u can just post up the file somewhere
or ill just explain it all here


C= camera
E= empty
E3= is the empty that rotates by shoulder and adds objs.

everything is parented to E3
C has an ipo from frame 1 to 100 (from original position to E3 position)

bricklogic for C
always>>And>>ipo prop:“zoom”
Ray dist “5” prop “blockview” >>and >> prop “zoom” add “3”
Always >> >>and >>prop “zoom” add"-1"
prop"zoom" interval -10,0 >> and>> set prop “zoom”“1”
prop"zoom" interval 101,110 >> and >> set prop “zoom” “100”

E1,E2 and E3 have similar bricklogics
ray dist “5” prop “blockview” >>and >to obj. C> prop “zoom"add"3”

**be sure to use true pulse mode when nessessary and to add prop “blockview” to all the meshes that block ur view.

i cant remember exactly how it went
u can study it in my game @ www.blendergames.com
or just append the objects and parent it to ur character

its not the worlds greatest… u may want a python expert to enhance this camera function so its smoother and not as “choopy” as in it has only 4 zoom levels

fiddle around and ull get it

(TorQ) #3

Thanks so much! How you have it will work just great for right now! Thanks again.