Hey let`s spot Big Buck Bunny on the net !!!!

My first entry it is from endadget http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/26/iphone-4-vs-galaxy-s-part-deux-hd-video-playback-video/ yeah , let put them say “Blender animation made?” huh:yes:

Isn’t this more suited as an off-topic forum games than in ‘News & Discussion’?

And the first person who figures out how to use the search feature will win since there is a thread for every single spotting of BBB…

You need to study perspective Namural.

Obviously the Engadget posters aren’t interested in a big white bunny and some small critters, there was one entry about the world’s largest working arcade cabinet and most of the comments was not about the cabinet, the size, the controls, or even the game. It was about the girl playing it:rolleyes:

You have to be very careful when writing a gadget or contraption post there, one wrong element in the picture and there will be few posts on the actual subject.

…some threads in NEWS are off-topic for long time…

Some HTML5 ones: