Hey Linux Multimedia Monkeys !

(malefico) #1

I’ve been adding sound to my animations using Cinelerra and Avidemux. These two apps together work like a charm.
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I compose sound fx and music or anything in Cinelerra (using a TGA sequence from Blender) to synchronize, then render the audio only and multiplexing it with Avidemux (which reads aviraw and divx too) and encode the whole package as avi.

Just in case you’re a linux monkey !

Hope it helps.


(theraz) #2

I like avidemux, but Cinelerra is a serious pain in the ass. I can’t get it to function! I won’t capture from my Canon ZR40, and I get “quicktime_codec_something.so - not found” errors! Doesn’t Quicktime 4 Linux come WITH Cinelerra! Gawd. I use Debian, in case anyone has advice.

(slikdigit) #3

hey I just ‘discovered’ avidemux; I was trying out various programs (for editing/adding sound) and the experience was: crash crash crash until avidemux. It works!!!
cinelerra is kinda funky- and the interface is atrocious. Still I have it and also bcast. I 'd rather edit in the sequence editor, then add sound in avidemux. Ain’t gonna be practical for large projects though.

(Timonides) #4

Hi malefico!!!

You know how I feel about cinellera… It’s one of my favorites…

My personal opinion is that cinellera only lacks file format support…

Apart from that, it has nothing to “feel” jealous about other commercial packages…

I didn’t know about avidemux…

It seems interesting and worth giving a try…

Thanks again man…


(malefico) #5

Well the problem is when you have to synchronize sound fx. If you have to add a simple soundtrack along the animation then Avidemux is OK, but how about adding sounds fx in certain moments of the timeline ? That’s why I use Cinelerra, to add small sound fx samples synchronized with the animation, like some character speaking, sneezing, etc.

Once you have all sound fx composited, then you can render the audio and use Avidemux, since you’ll have a single soundtrack.

theraz: I haven’t used it for capturing footage, so I don’t know.

Cheers everyone.