Hey, long time no see

it’s been awhile. I’ve never been a poweruser nor professional but always kept CG making as a side hobby and Blender was one of my interests. the CG bug is biting me and I want to get back into Blender and Lux as well…

now, I’m woefully out of touch. Not with Blender itself as I’ve been tinkering with 2.83 for the last week or so and now getting finally better with the new interface.

I’m out of touch with hardware. I’m thinking of getting a new laptop. What do you recommend? or do you recommend a desktop? spill the beans, blender cookies

Generally, you’d be better off with a desktop. The power consumption and thermal properties are much more manageable in a desktop.

That being said, I have a fatty alienware laptop with dual gtx 970 gpus, and it is a monster, but if I try to render on battery it immediately crashes. Just too much power draw for the batteries to cope. turns it into more of a ‘portable computer’ rather than a mobile workstation.

I would recommend a windows pc with a gtx 2000 series gpu and the fastest cpu you can afford. More cores is great, and blender can use as many cores as you can throw at it for rendering, but there are still a lot of single threaded tasks that benefit more from high clock speed.

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Hi, if you don´t need a laptop (the most always the on desk 99% anyway) go for a desktop PC, nearly double performance for the same price.
AMD Ryzen 6 or more cores, SSD and 16GB RAM.
Depends on your budget.
If you want to go GPU render I would go for Nvidia as you can use it for OpenCL engines like Lux and Cuda for Cycles and others.
I would go for CPU 16-32 cores today as it is more flexible.
You need about 6-800$ for GPU and bigger power supply alone.

Cheers, mib

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ok, mobility would be nice, but desktop it is. I’ll check those, thanks for the pointers…

go for a desktop :slight_smile: