Hey Looking to start a anime on youtube

Hey i have been thinking on a anime i recently got inspired to do i am looking for a co-writer in other places but i would like to find some one or some ones who can make models for the scene and the characters, You don’t need to be able to do both to apply and also some one who can animate models if you can animate them and model them, That’s cool I’m looking for a anime style some thing like rwby but a little more realistic looking while still being an anime, Ill also be looking for some one to work the camera in blender and of course a sound guy ill be getting a few friends to voice in it as well as any one who joins and wants to voice a character for more info message me and we will talk

Wait. I’m missing part where it tells what YOU will do. From what I see you are just trying to get team of people who would make your dream come true FOR FREE.
Sorry to disappoint you, but you are just wasting your time, and my time as well, those 15 seconds spent on writing this commend will never come back to me…

I hate to break it to you but that short post isn’t going to attract pretty much anyone to help for you. I’ve noticed a few problems so I’ll go over them and give you advice on how to make the post better:

  1. What is the anime? What separates it from any other anime? It’s too brief and doesn’t give any scripts or the storyline out. I mean I can’t tell myself what this is about. You said it’ll be “cool” but how?
  2. What jobs are there? I’m not sure “sound guy” gives us enough detail. So do you want riggers, animators, modellers, voice actors etc. and how many would you want?
  3. Grammar. I’m going to be honest I kind of got lost halfway through. I completely respect if English isn’t your first language but I found it hard to understand due to the lack of full-stops and other punctuation.
  4. What’s the point in working for you? A job like this would probably need pay in order for people to want to do it. However I’d like to know what the point in working for you is. There are so many people wanting you to help them out on a project. Say for I see a game project giving me loads of detail that’d really make me think of joining in. But why work for this if there’s that really detailed and exciting-sounding game project?

Thanks for reading. Good luck with your project and please don’t take any of this too personally. Just trying to help :wink: