Hey MaceG (geez, you're slow), a NEw version of wings!!!

(Friday13) #1

Yup, the big 0.98 is here! :stuck_out_tongue:
check it out at http://www.wings3d.com

(Hos) #2

Hey! That’s my job!


(Jamesk) #3

What can I say? I even hired a squirrel with MBD that kept banging on the update button for my browser, and told it to start squeeking loudly if anything changed on the wings page… And still… it’s been bad enough having Mace and Hos hanging around there all the time… I tried, I really tried… :frowning:

(theeth) #4

squirels are a bit on the slow side. Try getting a monkey next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Martin could be the first to post the updates all the time if he wanted too :wink:

(Jamesk) #5

… oohhh… the new AutoUV rocks…

(MaceG) #6

Well, Hos, ol’ buddy, they done went and beat us both.

 Let us bow our heads in shame.