Hey! Making an FPS, need guns.

Hello, you’re probably here because you want something to do, well, I’m working on a first person shooter with magic, demons, guns, and guns, so, I need guns.

Let me say that better.

If anyone could provide (or tell me where I can acquire) several, modern guns from handguns to sniper rifles, I would love you forever.

Also, if anyone wants to try their hand at hands, I am here to see them.

Oh! And if you want to, particle effects like fireballs, bullet glow and stuff like that wouldn’t go unthanked.

If anyone is interested, post or pm me.

did you visit blendswap? http://www.blendswap.com/
lots of guns you could choose from…

hello guns arnt as easy as just getting a model, thats only a quarter of the work. most guns on blendswap are not rigged and don have any logic to fire. i have made a hitscan gun(if a ray coming from the gun hits the target its tells target its been hit) using a hybrid method(bricks and python) if you would like me to provide you with this script i will be happy to do so


If I ever get bored and want to model a gun, I just might let you have it.

I have an M14 model that’s mostly complete, the breech needs some work and it needs to be rigged, but other than that…