Hey, need some help regarding explosions (animated)

An old friend of mine told me about this community that hes apart of and I figured id join it. I was wondering if you guys could help me out? Im looking for explosions online, i’ve done google searchs and checked so many websites only to find the same dull and boring explosions over and over again. Im looking for something animated in like a .gif format. I have to cut the explosion by frames down to 16 frames for a game I play. This is all I been able to come up with and ive had it for quite sometime (bored of it).


Can anyone post some animated explosions? Or can anyone direct me to good sites for animated explosions? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thx.


Here’s a site with several explosions created in Blender along with the .blend files so that you can modify them yourself.


With a little practice, it’s not that difficult to make your own fire and explosions. Look under Effects in the documentation section at Blender.org.

Yeah I came across that site already :frowning: im really suprised I nor anyone can find more then the same under 20 explosions all over the web. No one can think of any games maybe that have nice explosions that I could some how get a .gif of and cut the screens down to 16? I really need this guys any help is GREATLY appreciated.

If you are looking for gifs, they would also need ot be the same angle, no?

You could try civfanatics for animated pcx files, here is one I did for civ III: