HEY! NEw Spiderman test

(Nayman) #1

Dont take it personally lubimyer, but i took out the hands to the skeleton, because i couldnt get it deform properly… Thus, i also took off his hands (yes, i know they arent there) gotta work out new ones!

Anyhoo, here is my newest animation with spidey, still early test sdtages of movement, and speed! Also, trying out differetn webbing techniques!

remeber, first character i have done, so gimmie some comments! (again, Mr. Covachev is an angel)


(BgDM) #2

COOOLL! :o Webbibg is much better than last one. Great work man!! Just great!


(Nayman) #3

thanx, webbing is just temporary, working out a really cool system

like his suit? i took some liberties

(acasto) #4

sweet…that looks great. Although it isn’t finished, the camera action and angles are awesome. Usually you just see a still camera shooting the animation, that was movie like camera control there.

good job :smiley:

(Nayman) #5

All of this is actually just testing to see how well and realistically i can get spiderman to move. This summer a bunch of my friends and I are filming a spiderman movie, so all of this is going to be compositing. None of these shots are going to be there. I will post my compcoitied shots as i go, and get em crtiqued. Imagine spiderman flying high above toronto!

Also, working on some webbing effects to mix with live action

keep em coming

(Bapsis) #6

Hey man,
That was some pretty cool camera work, i can definatly see you will be able to do something very cool when you get all these “tests” you are doing finished.
Only thing i must say that kinda bugged me about the animation is that Spidey is too reflective, the animation reminds me of a plastic toy, which could work if you throw in Woody and Buzz. Hehe :wink:
Anywayz, just wanted to say good work, keep it up and definatly post your progress.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(S68) #7

Really cool, nice and fluid movements!

Web is still to be worked on but scene is already very nice


(kaktuswasse) #8

cooooool work!

needs a bit work on the textures but far better than the
other one!

cya henrik

(Vidigiani) #9

I finally got connected to the link after an hour of trying… server kept saying too busy. Anyway, VERY COOL.

It looks like the textures have to much specularity… He is wearing cloth which is AFAIK not very reflective. But the body itself and the animation look great! But for goodness sake man, give him some hands!!! :stuck_out_tongue: He looks like a skinned bird without those hands :stuck_out_tongue: