Hey. New to BGE. Objects fall through the terrain I modeled.

I Have my environment set up, but when I put an object into the scene and start the game, it just falls through the floor and lands on the floor of my skybox.:frowning: Is there something obvious that I’m missing?

Also, I just moved the terrain a little lower, and now the object goes flying around twirling…

make the tarrain into a static mesh

Thanks for the quick answer. How do I make it static? Sorry for such noobie questions.:o

Make sure for the plane you have not enabled ‘Actor’ button in the Logic (F4) menu. For the object you could have put it’s center out side the object. This can happen in Edit mode. If you move all the vertices in Edit mode to move the object you leave the center behind, it then mucks up the physics. You should always move the object in Object mode. To rectify this, press the Center New button in the ‘Mesh’ section of the ‘Editing’ F9 panel. and try it again

thanks. that was the problem.