Hey people, Quick Hardware Query

Hello everyone, been a while. I recently graduated with an Hons in Information Design and have been doing as little as possible save for a daily galavant through Skyrim (Its so bloody good) I realised that my graphics card is not handling as nicely as I’d like it to both in games and my work. Currently have an Asus EAH 5770 Cu Core, the battlefield 2 edition, its a good card and can handle most things but after realising how well my friend’s 560 Ti handled cycles i’ve decided to go back to Nvidia. So my parents have given me a little dispensable cash and I’m shopping for a card and a new Wacom tablet.

My question is twofold:

I have settled on the Gainward GTX 570 Phantom OC Power Edition believing this card to be a nice balance between work and play. Was wondering if anyone with this card had any opinions about its potential for 3D work

Next question:

I have just enough left over to buy myself the medium Intuos 4. I’m cringing a little at the thought of buying a tablet that’s worth more than my graphics card but I do quite a lot of illustration. Is it worth spending the extra $150 on the medium or should I go for the small?

I have an EVGA GTX 570 fermi, which has the same amount of cores, same ram, and similar clock speeds. (3% difference) I play skyrim on highest possible graphics settings without any difficulty. Likewise with Battlefield 3 etc, and it absolutely eats cycles. On one of the latest trunk builds in cycles I render about 3-5 times faster on my 570 than my i7 2600k.

Only real difference between my Evga 570, and the Gainward 570 is that the Evga is a little over $100 cheaper. If I were you I would go for a Evga card and save the cash for games or whatever. Or you could spring for a 580 and get the extra 32 cores over a 570.

Don’t know much about tablets though, sorry.

Thanks for the input. My other option was the gainward 570 GS GLH edition, but I’m going for something which will last a while which I figure the phantom will since it has improved cooling. plus it will look down right sexy crammed into my case :slight_smile: I guess this thread’s redundant though since i’ve gone ahead and paid for everything. A very merry christmas it will be :slight_smile: