hey people!

(stephen2002) #1

Before posting, take the time to REGISTER to the forum so that we can actually see who is posting. Just about every other post out here is “anonymous”.

I think that this is a good new home for the Blender community.

(valarking) #2


(CubeFan973) #3

I rarely ever notice any post like that.

PS: Does valarking post in code? I mean, I can barely tell what he means by “bumpity bump bump.”’’

(stukkm) #4

he’s bumping the post. to bump a post is to bring back an old thread from a long time back up to the first page so people will notice it. see the date on the original thread?

what’s going on here valarking? :-?

(sten) #5

probably advancing in Forum status I guess :wink:

(Goofster) #6

Valarking, please stop doing this. It’s not only annoyingbut also very…well…actually it IS just annoying.


(stukkm) #7

yeah that’s what i was thinking but i didn’t want to say it because i thought it might seem like i was accusing him.

(Timothy) #8

Funny thing is that I could manually reset the post count to 0 if I wanted to. So beware! :slight_smile:

(paradox) #9

LOL Thats funny Kib_Thp. That might slow him down abit. :slight_smile: