hey pplz what is yayfray or what ever it is

can some one help me with this what is it what does it do and how to get it with some tutorials plz

yafray is an open source, free image rendering program. unlike blender it doesn’t come with a whole design pakage, but if you use blender to create a world instead of producing a 2D image with blender normal if you have yafray it can be used from in side blender


  • it can render beter quality images than blender
  • you have a lot of control over the render setings


  • not everything in blender is suported eg. particels
  • it can be very slow
  • you nead the settings crancked way up to creat a desent animation

but (other than animations) most people are very impressed with its awesome quality

…One additional drawback, it doesn’t support alpha channel either. However, I don’t think its far off.