Hey there got a magical boolean question

well not quite magical, was just curious, i’m modelling a brake disc with cross drilled holes in it, i have boolean’ed each hole in the disc (if there is a better way that is quicker please let me know) anyhoo, once i am done I have the ugliest bunch of this way-that way vertices and edges, is there a clean up button that sees the final shape and builds an easy, not so polygon hungry version of it? thanx heaps again guys, you are making my like so much easier!

Keep up the good work!:smiley: :smiley:

I saw a tutorial on this, in it the author removed a vertices from square faces and ended up with round holes… For a guitar effect. Cant seem to find it ATM, anyone?

You’ll find a video tutorial on blendernewbies.com about this, but it’s just as polygon hungry. Wouldn’t it be easier if you just created a circle, extruded, pressed escape, scale it down so there’s a hole in the middle, select all verts, and then extrude downwards to give it depth? I know this is pretty basic, but I’m not really sure what level of detail you’re going for.

You might have some luck with the decimator modifier. Anytime you connect circles to circles, you’re going to end up with a messy mesh, there are so many vertices. The tutorial I think pikseli is talking about started with a square mesh, then deleted a vertex where the hole went, and used to sphere to round out the surrounding vertices. If the mesh is dense enough (at least dense enough where the hole goes) you might have more success with that technique.