hey this is my first model "CAR"

heya this is one of my first models i have done mostly juss layed around but last night i thought i should do sumthen with blender afterlooking thru tutoairals i ound a car one but it ended up very different very very different infact lol
here it is
stage 1.
stage 2.
stage 3.

c&c accepted

lol i asked alot of pplz alot of questions of when i got stukk ^^
and i still stuk

n e one with c&c ?

It’s easy to shut your mouth if you don’t like a picture or WIP. :expressionless:
I won’t, I realy think you should startover with some blueprints. This doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy to fix to a nice scene.
If it’s one of your first projects I think you should use blueprints and follow them, the hardest part isn’t realy to modell, it’s to get it like you want to( %| ). To practise that, you will have to clone irl-objects.

If you continue with this… I have nothing else to say than good luck! If it doesn’t turn out like you wanted to, just start over and you’ll see you have learned yourself something.

thanks bout time sum one replied

n e ways i dun care
coz during making this model i learnt new stuff that i din’t

n i had blue prints but i juss wanted to do sumthen differenet with it then i juss did everything with out the blue prints

any ways
i’ll up date the pik all lightings gay i can’t do it
and i will try and get a better tutorial next time

hey dispite every one hated my car imam still post an update for it
i need to leanr how to do lighting for the full effect and i tryed to put a lil uv mappin for the engine it’s sukky i know and

can any one tell me how to make it look real plz
and can some one give me c&c with how different it is
well after all that here it is:

i’d like to thank
Ammusionist for telling me how to make a face lol
and Fligh % for telling me how to make glass

Not bad for a first model.

Next time put a plane bellow it, so it doesnt look like a space ship or a submarine. :slight_smile:

lol ok i’ll do that now but how do i make it look real ?

That’s a question you need to ask yourself as well as the users here.

Adding nice materials will make it look “nicer” but not necessarily more car-like.

Consider working on some details, like lights, bumpers, tyre tread, etc.

Another alternative would be let the model lead you. Rather than going for a “real” car perhaps look at how the car is shaping up and model based on the direction it gives you. The front end looks very “smiley faced”. Perhaps go down the wacky racers route and make amore toon like image. Make it a cartoony car with a personality.

Learning 3d can be fun if you are willing to experiment. Sure it’s nice to do the fancy stuff but sometimes it’s nice just to play a bit and see if you can come up with something a little different.


well thats what i basicly did instead of following a blue print i went on an did what i felt was good
i juss rlly wanted to make it my custom car instead of copying another

Consider working on some details, like lights, bumpers, tyre tread, etc.

i have no idea how to do a tyre thread and i tryed to add a mirror on the same mesh and it sukked upp
i put

there ya go i added a floor and i rendered it at 5 subsurf
with a wireframe

if you want to make the render look a little more realistic, add some reflection to the car by using the raymirror and setting the mirror to about 0.84 and the fresnel to 1.53 and the blending factor for fresnel to 1.57. set the HDR image as your background (in the world buttons tool, and enable Ambient occlusion set it to about 8 for final renders but set it lower for test renders (its slow), set the lighting to sky texture)

also place a plane over the car (out of the veiw of the camera) and set the material to shadless, emit to maximum and make it pure white

hey, that’s not a bad model at all, at least it’s much better than what i can produce :smiley:
my favorite way to make things real is applying gooood textures to them, and setting up a realistic lighting scene. This is because anything looks real when it feels real, and it feels real if it seems natural - it doesn’t really matter how the car looks exactly, because the weirdest cars exist and we still think its real - as long as it’s in a normal environment, our mind says.

In that way, the floor you added is better than letting it float in mid-air, but it might be even nicer to have it either in a normal environment (street or anything) or to display it like in a paper: with a white background and only the car’s shadow to see, next to the car. You can do that by

  • making the world white (go to world buttons, set both colours to white)
  • making your floor white (or make a new one that’s white)
  • set spec of your floor to 0 (so you can’t see the light reflect on the plane there iiis no plane, only shaaaadow!)
  • and finally, you need shadow (this makes your model a lot more realistic, if all goes well): in the render buttons, activate shadow and decide whether you want raytracing (it’s slower, but nicer)
    > if you want to use raytracing, you need to activate the raytrace-button on the lamps you want to cast shadow, and of course activate the Ray button in render window.
    > If you don’t want raytracing, use a spot-lamp. Set a lamp to spot, press Ctrl-0 in your favorite 3d-window to see what your lamp is seeing, rotate it to shine on your car and press Alt-0 to return to your Camera again.

When that’s all done, all that’s left is the ‘naturalness’ of your car. At the moment your car has a sort of not-really-ripe-yet banana colour, with no gradients in the colours (you can use colour ramps for this in your material buttons, it’s really neat), and well, the seats and the wheels are looking somewhat the same - white and very specular.
I think you can darken both, for the wheels add some darker colours at the left side of the colour ramp (this is the colour for moderately lightened parts of your wheel) and lighter colours at the right.
Furthermore, I don’t know if you’ve seen em, but I can’t recall having seen tires this flat - so maybe it looks better if you make those fatter. You can apply a texture to the tires set to nor (or disp if you have high resolution tires, -> with many many faces or subsurf), so that it’s not just rubber, but rubber with a grip :Z
Try to add some nor-textures to your seats, maybe your car, the wheels - nor-textures give the material some dents, and real-life stuff always have dents. Everywhere. You can even use a nice leather-texture to nor on your seats, so the speculars will reflect the structure of leather. And maybe try the spec, ref and cspec buttons too, instead of just nor - this way, you could (for example) create fingerprints on your window, which speculate less than glass itself (set to negative spec), for example.

Okay I’m being floody :smiley: good luck!

Make the tyres thicker and tone down the spec on them toooo