Hey Tim, did you block some IP addresses?

(IngieBee) #1

For some reason, I can’t log on at work anymore. It sure fills in the time. I would have been a groupie a long time ago, if I only I coulda gotten my posts up these last few days :wink:

Anyway, I was wondering if that was why I’m having problems???


I should now be a groupie :stuck_out_tongue:

(haunt_house) #2

could they have a tight firewall installed?

Thats why I cannot login at school


(IngieBee) #3

perhaps, but I was able to earlier last week? (or was that late in the week before??? :stuck_out_tongue: ) Oh well, it was just something to do at lunch.


(Timothy) #4

I haven’t blocked any IP adresses nope,…

perhaps your work blocked this site because it was keeping too many employees of their work? :slight_smile:

(SKPjason) #5


I’ve been stalking Kib for a year or two now, frightening him with my sexual innuendos… and he hasn’t banned my IP - so I don’t think he would ban you either… unless you sent him a jpeg of your naked rear… tho now that I think of it… Kib didn’t ban me for that either… :wink:

Anyway… I don’t know how much bandwidth he’s burning through… but I do notice that when traffic gets just a little heavy… I have a hard time logging onto the site… I just keep hitting refresh and can usually get on after a few minutes.



(acasto) #6

me too, sometimes I can’t get on at all, but if I wait a about 5-10 minutes, I usually get right back on. Kib’s doing great with this site. I experiment too much, (my poor system has been formatted and reinstalled about 20 times in the last year). That’s how I lost my serverfarm textures. Kib, were most impressed by your webmastering skills and the wonderful functionality of the site. Keep up the good work… :smiley: