Hey ton... start up another Blender-like app...

I just read alot of the post ton had about Blender’s future… sounds pretty bad… but I had a feeling his ‘say’ was limited to his ownership…

But this seems alot like programming I have done for big political companies who ‘stole’ my ideas and apps… I re-did the damn things and changed a few things and re-released them myself…

The one main thing I enjoyed about showing my Blender work and telling people I used a program called “Blender” and it’s FREE!!!, was the expression on their face when they repeat the words free??? I know it’s not the best 3D app out there, but I like using the underdog… trying to manipulate and “create” something from scratch in Blender is one of the greatest feelings an Artist can experience using software…

Ton mentions having his office back home… sounds like the best damn thing to do… start over… you of all people know Blender’s guts… use this to your advantage and start up another Blender-like app…

You have heard all of the major things the users want and use in Blender, make that the new apps strengths… I believe Blender is what pushed Maya and the other big boys to release or even think about releasing a FREE version of theirs…

It’s time to let the dead horse rot… stop kicking it and go back to the drawing board and make something of your own… and keep it this time! “It’s the greed for money that blinds the real wealth.”


be careful! some anti-blenders here may get offended.

Great idea, imho. Only this time, use some business sense and charge for your effort! I for one would gladly pay to have a supported program like blender that I knew was going to be around for a while. You don’t have to charge the thousands of dollars that Maya/Max et. al. want, but don’t give it away either.


A few days before i posted this topic, that talks about the same, remake blender, or something like it. :slight_smile:

Take a look to this post :wink:


I think the people (included me) is waiting for the Ton reaction and a leader for the project.

I think I could only have done it (making Blender) being in the fruitful NeoGeo studio environment, with the very talented support of my collegues like Joeri, Frank, Rob & Paul.
NaN was founded in '98 using the very rich software inheritence from this period. It then still took over a year to get Blender to be ported and improved into the package that became a success.

Just ‘starting over’ doesn’t look too realistic to me now. It takes a huge amount of energy and focus, and I have to be able to work concentrated on this for at least a year. That has to be solved financially too. Well, it’s a challenge, and almost impossible. Two conditions which usually motivate me a lot. :slight_smile:

As I said before, I am currently still evaluating this situation. The politics that still go on behind the screens are very complex and confusing. I still won’t accept that Blender will disappear into oblivion. Until that’s a clear fact, I will do whatever is within the line of possibilities.

In short, this is the order of activities I should take:

  • find all legal possibilities to force the NaN Holding to make decisions, to
    dissolve itself, or sell the IP
  • get feedback from industry contacts I have, which also might offer
    solutions (like buying off the IP)
  • get a good overview of which legal limitations I have personally for
    starting new business, also which parts of the IP belong to me and not the
  • making up my mind about my personal preferences for a new future.

About the last point; main reason for getting involved with VC’s (apart from a mild infection with greed :slight_smile: was to establish a situation where I would become obsolete, freeing me up to move on as well. Blender has become too big for me.
OpenSource was a good solution for that reason. Not because I blindly belief in it as a successful development model, but because it will be the ultimate way to round off the Blender project.


What ever you choose to do, know that Blender will always have a place in our hearts and computers. Perhaps the program won’t be updated anymore, if so it will probably lose alot of users over the next couple of years. But it will still have made a difference in the lives of alot of people, never forget that.

  1. pofo

didn’t bill gates once mention to think about bying NaN… :wink:

you had better be/have a blamed good lawyer because if ton did that the NaN shareholders would sue the crap out him.


Two words: commen sense.

Yes… but does being sane make great things happen ?

:-? um…no :stuck_out_tongue:

Was it a Chinese proverb that says (something like): A reasonable man adapts to the world, an unreasonable man expects the world to adapt to him. Therefore all great progress is done by unreasonable men.

That would make a resonable man nothing more than a follower

That would make a resonable man nothing more than a follower

Well duh!


If I created a piece of software for a company… they own the rights to that piece of software that I created… then I wrote a similiar program that did the same thing, but in a totally different way…

The law states that a GUI can not be copied once it has been copyrighted by the owner, but if you change the GUI totally and it does the same thing, you can copyright your new GUI and it’s yours…

A good example would be the spin-off app called Nurbana http://www.nurbana.cx/ … all this guy has to do is add some IKA and .avi output and he’s not far off from Blender…

Forget about the realtime engine and concentrate on the modeling tools (which everyone here has been saying since I can remember) and you have a complete LEGAL spin-off of Blender…

What does my sanity have to do with reality?

One word: nonsense


hmm, though I totally agree with you that the game engine should go, and more attention to modelling tools, didn’t Ton say something in a CJ or something about the fact that the game engine was something he always wanted to do. Something about “being God in your own little universe”
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the game engine. even if Ton completely abolished it, I would still keep blender 2.23 for the game engine, but we would all like to see more blender. I for one would be willing to pay for Blender if it wasn’t an outrageous price like 3dsmax, maya, lightwave, etc. Even if we never saw anything else from blender or Ton, I know blender has COMPLETELY changed my life. And I am not just saying that. Like, totally everything has changed (for the better, I think)because of Blender, and for that, Ton,

Obviously you have not seriously tried the realtime engine. I’m sure ther are people who would be very disapointed if the game engine was left out of blender. I for one started using blender because of the game engine, and it continues to be the main thing setting it above other 3d programs out there.

Just curious, if this community was to start development on blender (either from scratch or starting with some of the original code) do we have the talent to pull it off?

We either need one person willing to do it all or… we’ll need coders, designers, maybe someone to write manuals :wink: , people that know the math and of course users.

If we have the talent, can we work together?

Should we, start a poll? start designing? do nothing? just complain about the current state of afairs? or my favorite, start coding while someone goes to figure out what we are making. (this last question is rhetorical)


      • scott

Maybe I came across the wrong way. I too would be disappointed if the game engine was gone. I love making things with it, I love figuring out logic bricks and all that, I’m just saying I wish there could be more blender. with or without the game engine. Preferable with…

argh, im so anxious to see what the next decision will be ::shaking violently::

I think that the gameengine still has some potential. For a gameengine that’s only been in development for about a year it’s REALLY good. I love the gameengine, it really the only thing i use blender for. If you were to take it away you would loose quite a few users :frowning: .