Hey, what's happening with this stupid render?

I’m seriously confused with this simple setup: just a particle emitter.I’m rendering at frame 183 and it takes ages… and all particles are black. If I change the IPO size (and I make the particles smaller) it works.
What’s wrong? :eek:


I simplified the scene, many strange things going on. Double particle emitters on the same mesh. Zero sized particles self colliding. A particle object with no texture.

The main culprit seemed to be the AO. Try setting it to raytrace.


debug.blend (198 KB)

Thanks for your attempt Atom, but it doesn’t look fixed to me.It seems that only raytrace works, something is going wrong with the approximate solution and I’m not figuring out what.

I’ve started from scratch and I can confirm that, approximate take crazy time to render and gives crazy results, raytrace works fine. It seems a bug to me…