Hey ya'll, Just introducing my self....

Hey I picked up blender several years ago when I could not find a functional copy of moonlight atelier and have been messing around with it ever since. Three years ago I started my BA in Animation (and I am still four classes short -_-). There I worked mostly with Maya, and except for the bugs in Maya 8, it was kinda fun. Honestly though I spent more time helping my film student friends and colleges with their projects than working on my own. Anyway, I never gave up blender and even installed linux on my laptop the first chance I got. I back to using blender exclusively because Maya has proven to be to sluggish and taxing on my poor abused hp Compaq nw8440. I am currently using the Beta of 2.5 although I am attempting to introduce a new friend of mine to the world of 3d via blender 2.49. This is because the only books I have only cover the old blender. I plan to switch him over once he gets the basics down. (also It was his preference . I offered to show him 2.5 but he said he’ll stick with good ol’ 2.4 for now. When I can get some good books for the new and improved blender this may change)

I think I’ll stop here for now.

Hi! Here’s where all the fun is!

lol CrashDaddy. You’re pretty new yourself: nice to see you’ve already found your favorite part of the boards :slight_smile:

It’s really neat to see introduction posts like every week. People are just joining that fast I guess :smiley:

Anway, nice to meet you, Refracted.

Or Ahav. Or RefractedAhav for short lol. Welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the Community, RefractedAhav.

Go here for a couple of good tutorials for Blender 2.5x:


and here, too:

Blender has quite the web community – probably not as big as Maya’s but sizable nonetheless.

Hi Ahav, welcome to the forums! Glad to see more users coming here :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone.
@crashdaddy I started on an entry for the comp last night. I did not realize that today was the deadline.
@hackedmind You could do what some on CAA chat have started to do and just call me ted :stuck_out_tongue:
@dleri Thank you I will take a look at those when I have time. Possibly latter today. Also I and several others have in the past found blenders online documentation to be more of use than all the adverts and pay to see maya tuts that are out there. There seemed to be a lack of maya for beginners sites a bout a year ago when I left VA.
@agentmilo glad to be here!

note: I don’t always reply in a twitter like fashion, it’s just that I am short on time as I have an interview at one and still need to get ready for it.