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hey guys! i deleted the previous model (Ghost n Goblins return) and made another with less polygons and less armatures.please do me a favor ,go here to download the new version: http://www8.gratisweb.com/blendergargola/Games.html tell me what you think and for God sake tell me what’s wrong now with the character movement and how i can fix that,please! he he he! :slight_smile:

(Pooba) #2

OK, first of all, i have no clue how you did this, but you did and I found the reason everything is screwed up.

First, you were using the wrong direction of force. Use one of the different fields.

Second, your axis on the head was tilted (click on the head, then go to edit buttons then click on show axis, then get the axis strait. that will help a lot. It should be pretty easy how to figure out how to get it back.

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ok,ok…i know what you mean,but how do i rotate the axis is my big question,cause once i rotated the axis with the “R” key and the head turned too,i don’t want a freak(i know that my character looks like one…he he! :slight_smile: )with the head screwed backwards! he he! please tell me how i rotate the axis only(that should solve the problem,right?). :slight_smile:

(Doc Holiday) #4

I can’t download the File. Don’t know why. But to Youre Question: Rotate in Edit Mode! If You ‘break the Neck’ of Youre Character, go in Edit Mode (Tab-Key), select all Vertices (A-Key) and rotate (R-Key) them back. If You rotate in Edit Mode, Your Axis will not move! (You can do that with so much Vertices You want. Try it.) :wink:

Cu, Doc

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but,that’s not what i want.i want to rotate the axis only.not the head of the character.please help! :slight_smile:

(Doc Holiday) #6

That’s the way to rotate The Axis.

(Pooba) #7

Unparent everything from the head, rotate the head so that the axis looks strait, then go into editmode and rotate the head’s vertices back to the original position (get the exact same rotation). Holding down ctrl while rotating it helps a lot to, so that it gives you an even number (you’ll see what I mean). Then reparent everything. Tadaa!

(gargola) #8

thanx for your help guys,but i give up for today.