hey i raelly do love blender, it really had alot of awsome little extras, however, i have to use lightwave for Uni, and im stuck, i need a whole group of points or vertices to be flat along a certain axis, but i cannot find it in lightwave

in blender all you do is scale>y>0 and it falttens it for you< easy, done…

say if you had a 45 degree 6 point line not evenly straight, but you wanted it to be flat along a certain axis?

does anybody know of this in lightwave…

sorry if this is confusing

Thanks heaps for your troubles,


I think this is what you’re looking for


“set value” command… can’t really remember the shortcut but it might’ve been CtrlV…

You’ll get more help over there. Most of us here almost exclusively use Blender, and only a small percentage have used/use Lightwave. Go check their forums.

Yeah - I’m too set on blender myself.