hhhmm not sure ill just say freaky ass eye

(suicidal) #1

i was going to make it look bloodshot but im lazyits not really finished but hey.

i was pissed at my girlfriend and was listening to pearl jam when i made this pic. :smiley:


(Nahtanoj) #2

I can’t get into your website to see your pics.

and this is post 15 isn’t it amazing how they mount up.

i wonder how long before we have as much as theeth???

(suicidal) #3

hey Nahtanoj, yes it is quite amazing how they add up so fast. you have to cut and past the link becuse for some reasone they wont let you directly link. its always good to see new people.

(Avatar) #4

I cant get on to your site either!
Mybe it’s my browser…
but maybe it isn’t my fault at all!!!

oh yeah, this is allready post #16

(Nahtanoj) #5

copying and pasting doesn’t work either. could you put them onto an actual webpage with a simple gallery or something?

(deks) #6

Just copy that link then past it in the browser. It worked for me!

(suicidal) #7

try it now i think i found out what the prob was.
should work now

(Nahtanoj) #8

nice one that works now.

Is that a tooth pick in the side of the eye where the blood is coming from. for some reason it adds the to image as a whole.

where the eye contacts with the blood looks a bit strange seems a bit too uniform.

I’ll have too start putting together some images for some reason I start on one and never finish them.

keep all your pics rolling in.

could you do the same thing to mist2 aswell I wouldn’t mind having a look at that too.

(digitalSlav) #9

shit man for some reason i just love it - hard to find a bloody eye pic with class! thanks for sharing

(Pooba) #10

AHH!! I hate gore to tell you the truth, what kind of freak are you? can’t you just stay with the pink clouds?


(blengine) #11

i love gore so much! theres nothing more fun and creative to model then gore…cmon pooba! join us! looks great main…scray stuff

(dreamsgate) #12

You are right, that is one freaky eye, very icky but extremely well done.

I agree with Pooba, pink clouds are nice. :stuck_out_tongue: