hhmm guys head on a pole

(suicidal) #1

This is my first attempt at modeling a head. Its a very early WIP the head isn’t even 1/2 way done. In the finale pic i will drope his jaw and texture him to give the illusion that someone cut of his head and stuck it on the pole.
http://suicidalfailure.50megs.com/decap.jpg (cut and paste)


Sorry pofo mabey i’ll make a pink rainbow for you next time. :smiley:

(Jolly Gnome) #2

Well, there’s a forum here called “Works in process”… if you have some halfdone stuff to post, that’s the place :wink:

(BgDM) #3

Well now. That looks like a very promising start. Can you move the camera in more so we can actually see the face better?


PS: Yes, there is a WIP forum. I am sure one of the mods will move this there.

(suicidal) #4

I actually ment to post it in the WIP forum and i came back and was pretty surprised to find it in the finished projects, oh well. How it got there i dont know im sure i just thought i was in the WIP forum. It would be great if someone could move it there. Also made a close up of the head
so you could see all of the detail.

hears the close up of the head.
http://suicidalfailure.50megs.com/close_up.jpg (Cut and Paste or if you want to be all fancy i guess you could drag and drop i don’t really give a **** :smiley: