Hi All! Long time no see :)

This is an older image … I’ve made it for an XtremePC Romania contest

sorry for the size … :\

Those dogs are great. Actually the whole thing is great, but if you had a bit less cartoony lighting and backgrond I think it would work better.

try to turn the reflections down a little bit

but great modeling!

Thanx for the tips :D. I know about the lighting problems but the image was made with blender 2.33(a or b) and at that time blender had a problem when mixing raytracing with some types of lights. I’ll try to render it again with teh 2.34 relese and fix the lighting.

thanx for the C&C

hehe, esti primul roman pe care il intalnesc pe elysiun, bravo tine-o tot asa. :slight_smile:

mercy !

:o si tu esti primul roman guru pe elysiun

way to go !!!