Hi all. need some help

Been playing around with Blender for two weeks now, and i have a bad problem, my blender crashed after 10 minutes, and it starting to drive me mad.

I’ve been reading this forum for two days now trying to find the answer, i’ve updated my drivers and the problem still here.

I’m using the blender on a laptop, i use the intel 82852/82855 GM/GME graphics controller. I’ve been on the intel site and found no answers.

I would love to be able to fix this so i can play happily.

my comp spec is

intel pentium m
256 mb

can anyone help or is there any more free software like blender that may work better on my laptop.

Try reinstalling or switching to an older version.

Do you know where i can find the links for an older blender please?




But oh my word, i’m taking hours trying to find the options on this one, used to the latest blender and now i’ve got to start over again, won’t take long, i hope.

Still working out the materials, can’t seem to change the colour in the lamp options or thr model i’m working on.

Can’t find the add new material button:D

“Can’t find the add new material button:D”

F5 with mouse in the Buttons window and click the up/down triangles where it says MA: Materials. And read some tuts!

I’ve read a few tutorials and i was struggling cos most of them were using the old blender but after awhile Blender became easy now the tutorals will be so much better now.


Can’t wait to get started on a tutorial tonight, put the kids in bed, husband working late.

If you’re starting out Blender Basics is a good place. Also a fan of Blender Nation Tutorials. Another to Book-mark is BlenderArtists Tutorials. Think learning Blender is going to be an easier ride than raising kids. Good Luck!