Hi all new to blender


(javonni) #1

As the title says above im new and looking for a group of people that model fantasy character/ creatures to be apart of or works of 3d art to analyze, I’m happy to be hear and look forward to what i can do!.

(Leonard Siebeneicher) #2

Hi Dinobro,
welcome onboard.

You have some ideas for a project you like to realize?

(javonni) #3

I’m really in to fantasy and world building so I’d love to try and make anything fantasy related. I’m sorry for the late reply I had work!

(Leonard Siebeneicher) #4

It’s ok. :wink:

It would be interesting to see, what other people think about how to find open projects for blender, free to join. Not for some elite or in-groups, but for everyone. (I do know about “Paid Job”/“Volunteer Job” category.)

(FinalBarrage) #5

Moved thread to #jobs:volunteer-work

(FinalBarrage) #6

I advice you to share your portfolio btw :slight_smile: