Hi all, new user here! Some works in Blender

Hi everybody! I’m a new user from Rome, Italy. These are some pictures made in Blender. Comments are wellcome! Now i’m going to read all the posts in the forum (think it would be a little long!:D)
P.S: sorry for my bad english!:o

By darkares at 2007-03-11

By darkares at 2007-03-25

By darkares at 2007-09-22

By darkares at 2007-10-21

holy… good looking man!

wohohowoho…new to blender…can not believe :eek: …excelent…no comments…just great…

not new to Blender :smiley:
New in this forum!!! I’ve been playing with Blender for a couple of years

wow…totally awesome :open_mouth:

i believ i saw the house in the gallery on the main site ( www.blender.org )
Is it that one??

amazing stuff…welcome to the forum…we need people like u here, and the opportunity to learn from u…great stuff…5 stars

Yes, kronor, that one and the gutar are in the blender.org gallery.
Thanks to everyone…I don’t deserve it:)

awesome stuff, that last one is my favorite of them all though.

love the spooky house

Awesome, love that Capitan America render.

really nice work there…long exactly have you been using blender ??

Why didn’t you make Captian Italy if your from italy? Great stuff btw

Martin Mystere shurely!

@ GE-FORCE: I’ve been using blender for about two years…before I was using 3dsMax since version 2.5.

@ Sammaron: We haven’t such a good and nice Hero! If you know “Dylan Dog” comic, now I’m assigning materials to a model of Office Block, Dylan’ friend…but I’m not sure it is a good model…I’ll post in the w.i.p. section.

Nice stuff man!
Did you use blender internal or Indigo or some external render?

Thanks and good work !

Internal. Just the stratocaster is rendered with yafray…but it’s miles form your Ibanez!!!

great renders!
5 stars

Bravo. Molto bene.

I love the house and the action figure.

Fantastic job, Waaf. Its great to see some wonderful models - of all variety.

Could you do a favor for me?
I would love to see wires of your edgeloops on Captain America (if you live in Italy … why are you modeling Captain America, btw? :P). Especially the arms. Thanks :slight_smile: