hi all

Hi all.
I’m new.
I’m from italy, pizza, mandolino and Berlusconi style. :yes::yes::yes:

Here my collection of works http://grv-works.blogspot.com

Sorry for my bad english, and sorry again if i mistake the section for my presentation post.
I went from maya to blender 2 year ago, please tell me i did well…

Pleased to read you.


Ehi! Posso parlare Italiano, come te! (non sono Italiano, ma vivo in Italia)

Welcome to the Blender Artists forums, and you don’t need to apologize for the bad English, because it isn’t all that bad and there is many others on the site that cannot speak well either.

You will enjoy it here, there is lots of help and support, and yuo can get some great critique.

Welcome again, Wefyb.

What you did wrong is that you posted this on the “News”.

oh, I’m sorry. There is a section presenting new users?

ok. I hope I can learn a lot here. thanks for the welcome

I’d suggest having this in your signature and being active on other topics :wink:
Something like this:

My maya work: http://grv-works.blogspot.com
My blender work: None so far, but stay tuned for awesomeness

There is no special subforum for presenting new users. Off topic chat is dedicated to everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else. People present themselves there :slight_smile:

I not find the setting to set up the signature. Can you help me?
thank you.


Click settings on the top right of the page, then search for “Edit signature” on the left.