Hi all

My very first hour in using Blender
and all over YouTube I see all this COOL TOWER COLLAPSE VIDS

and all I can make is a crappy ,unrendered ,stupid house
can someone teach me a bit about Python codes?
cos most of the tutorial I found ob Youtube usually skips the code part
and its really hard for me to catch on
I know how to build basic stuff ( as in REALLY basic)
but I want to build more !
get to know the program and finally make some EPIC TOWER COLLAPSE
just like those guys

Well, for starters, there are many good tutorials on Blender.org.
Secondly, it takes quite a while to learn the ins and outs of Blender.
To render and image, press F12. That is a fundamental thing. Also, read up on Blender’s materials and shaders.
Also, to make a good tower, make a cylinder, and press TAB to enter Edit Mode. press W to get a ton of options. use the option Subdivide. That will give you lots of vertices you can manipulate. If you make stuff out of lots of cubes, use Blender’s Game Engine to simulate physics and animate it. Look around for info on how to do all of this stuff.

Actually, you already have the tower, just make a sphere, set it’s Mass to some unreasonably high number, and drop it on the tower.
It isn’t hard. you should read up on Blender’s Game Engine first though.

Never give up!