Hi definition earth satellite images

This site has extremly hi def images of earth for download (free) These images have a much higher resolution then the usual sat images. Your going to need a high speed internet connection to dl it tho.
Here is the link : http://ionia.terradue.com/news/_images.asp?id=21
Actually I only have dial up so if someone who downloads the images would be kind enough to reduced the image size ( not via compression) , and mail it to me I would appreciate it. If your willing to do this send me a message and ill give You the email address. Thank you.

i don’t think the average person would be able to open a 3.5 GB (!!!) image in Photoshop, let alone resave as a JPEG.

there is also a 300mb version,
i’m downloading it right now.

What are the dimensions (in pixels) of the 3.5 GB image?

I am trying to figure out why the image isn’t available in tiles. I mean, apart from the hardware limitations, not many PC-grade programs are designed to work with 4GB files… I tried to open a 900mb Tiff once on a workstation with 4GB of RAM: not pleasant.

edit: VERY VERY VERY high resolution tiles are available. Consider above rants void.
edit2: if you want high res tils, you know what to do with the following two lines:


Can you give the link to the 300 mb version please, thanks

So i have the 300mb file here (it took about 30 minutes to download)
Remarks (for the 300mb file):

  • it was designed for print which means:
  • the picture is a tif file: no compresion, so this explains the big file size
  • CMYK (so one extra color channel, also explains the big file size
  • there is text on it, as seen on the preview http://ionia.terradue.com/news/_images.asp?id=21
  • 11929 x 6614 is the resolution, which is big, but not “google earth” big.
  • It is not complete! Antartica and the northern-ice-thing are not on itIt opend quite fast in photoshop (macbook pro, osX and 2gb ram)

I took the liberty of removing the text and logo’s on it and cropping it a bit (the top and right side were not part of the real photo)
Here it is, a 11414 x 5692 jpeg compressed with quality 8 (out of 12): 4,5mb

The links for the 300mb file are on the site you shared :slight_smile: it is the “download the poster (using BitTorrent)” link)

I thank you:D


OMFG, 300mb for THAT?! Doesn’t ESA know how to use lossless compression? Ever heard of .gz?
thanks a ton though, frozerino

No problem!
That they use the 300mb file for printing isn’t that strange,
but that they put the exact same file on the web without even at least giving a second file with compresion is indeed a little dumb :stuck_out_tongue:
Those space dudes see it big :smiley:

Anyway it is still a nice texture for a good world render

CMYK is a very limited color space as well.
It is a shame so much detail has been lost.

yeah those are great and all but what about moving clouds ?
Earth looks like a marble with out changing weather