Hi Everybody. Cell Anatomy

Well, im new to these forums, but so far i like them very much :slight_smile:

I just started using blender early december, and heres a render from an animation i did for a presentation in cell anatomy.


Heres another shot, just showing off what everything is supposed to be. Rendered in blender internal.


The actual animation was pretty cool if i may so myself. The signs flew into place one by one, and parts like the nucleus lifted up to show the internal components.

Thanks imageshack, and please feel free to leave comments. I wont be returning to this particular project as ive gotten my A and im happy, but istay on the lookout for an upcoming WIP thread on a heavy gear type mecha ive been working on :slight_smile:

From what I remember in biology, that looks very accurate. The animation should be really cool!


Interesting… I was just replying to another science-project-related thread, and now I’m replying to this one! :wink:

Very creative… The first image suffered from lack of OSA, but it looks like you fixed that in the second.

As always, the background counts in an image! This one is okay, but I think something darker, or at least less like a daytime sky might help. But as you said, you’re not returning to this picture… so save that suggestion for future reference.

Keep working at it… I like what you’re doing.


At first I thought it was an alien food-dish with all sorts of
yummy stuff an Alien would eat.


oh… it remindes me the happy days of my studies of biology at university :frowning: sniff !!

cool! But Mithocondrias are maybe too plastic? And also that small spheres that I suppose to be ribosomas…

Really cool image, but i don’t see a cell-wall (I don’t quite know the English word) at the “border” of the cell.

Cool image so far! Are you useing it for school or something?

that’s true! the fosfo-lipidic wall (how do u call it in english?)

Get Yafray and go to the “Yafray Gi” and turn the “Method” on to “Full” and the “Quality” on to “Medium” and turn on “Cache” and “Photons”. I would also add a bit more subsurf on all those guy’s and a displacement on the big ball. looks pretty cool though, original too. Keep up the good work.