Hi everybody iam new to the family

After looking through the message boards for some time I decided its time to join. I hope we can all get a long and share knowleadge.Iam looking forward to it. Let the fun begin :slight_smile:

Well hello and welcome! It may be pushing definitions a bit to call this a family, sometimes I think it is more of a tribe. Nonetheless, this is a great place to learn and/or teach. You will find many helpful people here. Later on, remember that to teach is to learn twice.

Lol @ tribe. :slight_smile:

There are adventurers, hunter-gatherers, some folks who stay around the village and improve their skills, and warrior/poets (not always appreciated, but sometimes good fun :rolleyes:).

Welcome to the community, SelininsTwilm. Have fun and don’t feed the trolls. :wink:

Or you could say a village… with more than its fair share of idiots. :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding.

Welcome to the gang, SelininsTwilm :slight_smile: and have fun!

yes welcome! i view these forums as a second home. it is one of the friendliest online communities i have ever come across and i love hanging out here!

If were all family shouldn’t our kids be mutants or something lol insets is so wrong :evilgrin:
How come i didn’t here about the wedding
Welcome to the brother hood my boy:yes: