Hi Everybody!

I have been a lurker and now I’m finally a member. I hope that you will find my post helpful.

I use Blender professionally for 3d media presentations on the web. Blender is the best 3d app that I own. And I come from a long background of using commerical apps. And keeping up with what’s going on in the Blender world by hanging arround here should make Blender even better for me.

I’m a Yafaray user and think that it is the ultimate next step for Blenders own internal or python feature supported renderer. May it ever stay beta.

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Nice words. :smiley:

You may stay. :smiley:

About time!


yep about time :), I’ve seen some of the excellent work you’ve done on cgtalk, welcome aboard.

I ma using Blender 236 with the newest yafaray plugin. I am very new with Blender and want to make some intense renderings. Modeling is getting easier but textures, lighting and rendering are still iffy at best.

To the point: I set up my scene and whet I set Yafary as my render engine I get a black image. I used photon lights sun and spots put get the same results.

hi dipingo and welcome to elysiun as a new member,
but please don’t bump up thread that are almost 2 year old.

kind regards,
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