HI everyone and for:THEETH Dynamica questions?

Hello fellow blenderheads.

i’m a dittohead as you can see, but nevermind about that. i’ve been with blender for about a year now and 3d for about two.

i gotta a couple of questions here…

i’ve heard a couple things about dynamica being released as public beta is this true?

if so where can i get it?

and last but not least…

is there an official Dynamica website, if so where?

thanx! :smiley:

I’m not really sure about all your questions, but here is a link, I think official, not sure, ask theeth.


There is no public beta, only a close alpha release.

Also, this is indeed the official Dynamica website. It is only a temporary page though, as some else is making one for us. We will continue to host it there, so keep checking that URL.


thanx it’s looking great theeth.