Hi everyone ;) look that

(vlr) #1

I am new on the forum so HI EVERYONE AND THE FORCE WITH YOU :smiley:

it’s one of my first works, enjoy ( :


(Catfish) #2

ooo… thats silky smooth sweet :slight_smile: that looks very good for a first work.
nice job

(Khnum) #3

clean and simple, Nice!

(Duoas) #4

Sweet! I like it a lot.

It needs another light, a soft one, from behind. Currently it merges off into the darkness…

(vlr) #5

thx guys :slight_smile:
here is next one, little changes


(yor1001) #6


(vlr) #7

and the last one of these material effetcs :slight_smile:


(PandaChamp) #8

Its pretty simple and good :slight_smile: keep it up


i love it.
really good first work

(juanjavier) #10

Third version is what I like less…it seems reflections thru body transparency begin to jam, in my opinion.

As for the other versions I found them really interesting, and wonderful ideas…