Hi - Exporting Animation Data - Python

Hi guys and gals,

Any ideas how I can get access to which vertices belong to a bone and what skinweights they have? I’ve got this far in python console:

[Bone Dict: {Bone : [Bone “Bone”],}]

But can’t crack into this one. I’m not even sure that’s where they are! Any ideas? Guess I might have to post this one over on the Python Forums.

No one knows? I got a bit further than I did before still no luck though ;o)

First off, make sure you identify which version you’re working in, because the 2.5x API isn’t stable yet afaik.

You probably won’t get much joy out of a Python-centric forum because BPython (Blender’s “dialect”) has a lot of code that isn’t a part of a general Python distribution.

This forum has a Python-focused section that’s a good place to start. Blender.org also has a good coding forum that’s Blender-specific.

Deal. Will do exactly that thanks ;o)