Hi folks!

(S68) #1

seeing so many of you here gives a tint of happines in an otherwise pitch dark day…


(sten) #2

Hi friend :slight_smile:

this and Blenderchat is our last outpost to Blender or ? :slight_smile:


(paradox) #3

Hi guys I’m here too. Good to see some familar faces (posts) . Bad morning for me. But doing better now. Still love Blender and hope things work out for NAN. I still intend to keep on Blending even if I have to do it to please myself.


(valarking) #4

Hi man! Welcome to Elysiun!

(sten) #5


hey this post is quite old…maybe it is S68 “Stefanos” very first post and now he posted many more than I have :wink: , and maybe it is paradox first too, mine I can’t remember…

(paradox) #6

Yeah whats with all these march posts Valarking? You trying to increase your post count or bored or ?

(Timothy) #7

isn’t this my first post aswell?

(Timonides) #8

valarking: do not think for a moment to bring my first post back to life!!!

This is a warning!!! :x :x :x ( :stuck_out_tongue: )