Hi from a newbie and some questions!

Hi folks,

I’m not from around here but have been watching many of your animations and I’ve been really impressed - there is some great work here!

so I wanted to introduce myself and explain what I’m doing here:
You usually find me hanging out at thefretboard.co.uk which is mainly a guitar orientated forum. i’m a musician based in the south of england, and I know absolutely nothing about animations and videos!

Anyway my band, freeReason, is just getting ready to release our first album - the mastering should be done by the end of october, and we were discussing the idea of having a competition for people to create an animated video for the lead single. So really I wanted to try and get in touch with some people who enjoy making animated videos and see if there is any appetite for that, and if so, what kind of timescale would be fair to set the deadline for entries etc…

Basically any thoughts you guys have.

I really hope you don’t mind me coming on here and asking like this - if I could contribute more towards your great forum I honestly would! I won’t post any links to our music because I don’t want to breach rules or etiquette in terms of promoting the band, but if the consensus is that that is ok and you guys would like to hear what we do then I will do later on.

Thanks in advance!

There are a couple of places here that might better serve your interests: the Volonteer Forum and the Contests Forum. A lot of work goes into making these animations, more than you might realize, so you might want to consider some kind of valuable prize or a creative swap: someone does an animation for you…you write and record some music for them.

This is definitely the wrong part of the forum to be asking for slave labour.