Hi Guys I have Some Material Problem

Hi friends. Please help me to set up my material properly. I don’t know why the top like that. its prefect Without glossy. But that’s not I want.
The brass color is not coming out. Why? And the floor also not perfect white. I have tried a lot but the result I want is not coming out.

Thanks in advance . . .


BI i assume, not Cycles…
if so then turn down the spec fro the wood, remove doubles, flip normas. change color of the brass, and the floor shouldn’t be perfectly white…nothis is perfect in the “real” world

yes this is cycle render

i cant say much for cycles because i work primarily in lux and yaf, but both yaf and cycles have a tennancy to have almost mirror like feels in direct light when using the glossy material if you dont do some arm bending in nodes. unfortunately as far as i know nodes dont directly effect yaf, but your using cycles and thats not a problem for you. but i think more node work is the key to softening the reflections on top, and also your brass material just needs to be sligthtly more orange, only a couple degrees, and it needs to be slightly more saturated, also increase the roughness, .2-.4 would be my suggested range but i dont know enough about cycles to be sure

the specularity is way too high even for polished wood. use a low value like 0.1 or even lower in the mix node or put a fresnel in the factor of the mixnode, this usually gives better results, and should deal with the problem of the top glossy… as mentioned already, the glossy node needs be set roughness higher than the 0.2, i would guess 0.4 is a good value for wood. if you want the floor closer to white, you need put more light. cycles needs good light. so, either put the world light on additionally (that kills defintion in some scens though) or add an extra plane emmiting white light.
actually the brass looks correct to me, given your lightset up.

hi thanks for your information. let me try that.

hi thanks for your information. you are right . its some ware in glossy part.

you should try using the image texture as a spec map. it should look about right in my estimation, given the correct value.